A Miracle Is About To Happen

One of the most dramatic shipwrecks of all time is recorded in The Book of Acts chapter 27. It is a scene that includes all the elements of high drama; conflict, suffering, suspense, graphic description of the extreme forces of nature, the human spirit challenged to the breaking point and lastly, supernatural intervention and an “all is well that ends well” grand finale.

To the natural eye it was an impossible and hopeless situation. But this was not your ordinary ocean traveler on an exotic mission to paradise. No, this was God’s child on a journey orchestrated from heaven to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the headquarters city of the Roman Empire.

Our God is a God of the supernatural. He operates at a level way above our feeble and flawed faculties (Is 55:9). When human ability and ingenuity fail to get the job done, it is time for a miracle to happen.

And it may be noted, nothing will raise your consecration level like when God calls you into a spiritual work that will be impossible to imitate or fake through works of the flesh. It is at this stage of Christian maturity that the true light of Jesus shines forth (II Cor 3:18, Col 3:10) and we reflect the image of the who has called us “out of darkness into his marvelous light” (I Pet 2:9).

The Word says that the “gifts and callings” of God are without repentance (Rom 11:29). In other words, what the Lord has called you to do, He will do everything in His power to accomplish that work in your life, miracles included.

The Bible is forthright when it comes to recording miraculous events; a storm-tossed boat on the Sea of Galilee (Mar 4:37), a mother mourning over the death of her only son (Luke 7:12), sisters mourning the death of their brother (Jn 11:19), a man with a snake-bitten and venom swollen hand (Acts 28:3), a Syrian general plagued by leprosy (II Ki 5:1), jugs full of clear, tasteless water (Jn 2:7), a man tormented by voices and chained in the cruel dungeon of a mind gone mad (Mat 8:28), a widow woman down to her last meager heap of food scraps (I Ki 17:12), are all signs that a miracle was about to happen.

And let us not forget a wooden cross on a hill reserved to crucify a man claiming to be God in flesh, the long-awaited Messiah, the Deliverer, the Healer, the Lamb of God, the Resurrection and the Life, the Hope of Israel, the Living Word of God, the Fountain of Living Water, the True Vine, the Bread of Life, the I Am and the Way the Truth and the Life. Was he?

When those storm clouds began to form over the place called Golgotha, someone should have known that something spectacular was about to happen. And hell has come too late to tell you or to tell me that Jesus’ transforming power and mercy is not real. Is there anything impossible with God?

God is not glorified like He is glorified when He raises the dead.

So, observe what is dead in your life and exercise your faith in Jesus. And be on the lookout for a miracle is about to happen.