Mind Full O’ Things

Love heals. God is the Healer. For God is love. (I Jn 4:8,16)

In His wisdom, Creation reveals the very best God has to declare. And in His wisdom, the soul’s redemption reveals the very best God has to give. And God’s very best …. is God Himself. Joh 17:24; I Cor 15:28: Eph 1:19-23: Joh 1:29; Rev 13:8

Life is God’s ultimate love test. His final exam is Pass/Fail and 100% is the only passing grade.  

The love of God will never go to a place where His mercy is not far behind.

The scars on Jesus’ hands reveal just how far he is willing to reach someone in a pit no one else will dare to go. Because he is God and not man. Hosea 11:9

Revival will come when God’s people pray the lost will sense a keener, deeper appreciation of the preciousness of the blood of Jesus Christ.


  • Prayer is such a powerful force. It moves the hand that moves the universe. 
  • In our known tongue we pray according to what we know, but when the Spirit is praying through us, that is what God knows and God knows all things.
  • If you will just do the insignificant thing, God will do the magnificent thing.
  • 99.9% of the people will never pay the price to see what the disciples saw. 

 Fasting Secrets Revealed: Breakthrough Fasting – Charles A. Rhodus


Prayer is the only thing that will move the heart of God. And when His people really pray, He will in turn move the hearts of people.

Unlike the Pharisees, Jesus was never afraid to touch a dead person. Mat 9:23-25Luk 7:13-15

Heaven has a heartbeat, and its pulse is to heal a world of souls broken by the power of sin.  

“Christianity is structured to dethrone self”. The Wisdom and The Power of The Cross – J. T. Pugh

“If we felt more the majesty of life, we should be more careful of its mornings”. – Charles Spurgeon

God must be true to himself because His Self is Truth. (Joh 1:14, 17, 5:33, 14:6, 15:26, 17:17 & 18:37)

God’s word is not the final authority. God’s word is THE AUTHORITY.

Give the Lord what he is worthy of. The Lord is worthy of EVERYTHING.

Only the great God of Glory can command the weakest to be the strongest – And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. 1 Corinthians 13:13

God produces His finest treasures and gems within the belly of life’s deepest, darkest experiences of what we might consider “hell”. (Mal 3:17

In coming to earth as flesh, God did not come in inferiority. As flesh, God came to earth in perfection.  

God never displays His glory in “safe places”. And those who trod the sturdy stones of its self-righteous paths never behold it either. – Anonymous (I Kings 19:4-5; Mat 14:30; John 11:40-41)

Life is not God’s ultimate gift to humanity, Eternal life is. 

When Jesus speaks, all of hell stands at attention. 

There is a saying that great minds think alike. It is also true that great minds inspire others to think and do great things – “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5

It is said that one cannot buy themselves into Heaven. Likewise, one can also cheat themselves out of going there. 

Only one thing existing on earth is everywhere uniquely identical – it is this moment in time.  

Be very careful how you treat a broken brother or sister in Jesus. God has a way of changing the dynamics of the sword – from the one bearing the sword to the one who now beholds the sword. – Anonymous 

One fellow was heard saying to another: “Yeah, they were having one of those “slam duck” conversations. She was doing the ‘slamming’, and he was doing the ‘ducking’. ♡♡♡

Remember, it’s the sun that gives the moon its shine.

What was designed for Eternity is treated as entertainment all because we are touched and not transformed by God’s redemptive, saving power. – Anonymous

There is a saying: “some things must be caught, not taught”. There is another saying: “some things must be birthed because they cannot be bought”.  The perfection of God’s love in one’s life is one such thing. – Anonymous

One crumb from Heaven, a single crumb from Eternity translates to a wrecking ball on earth. (Mat 15:26-28) – Anonymous

Remind Satan of his future when he reminds you of your past. Remind him of it and it’s guaranteed he will look to trouble someone else.  He is not headed to Hotel California; Satan is headed to Hotel Lake of Fire. And the great God of Glory is stoking the flames awaiting his soon arrival. 

In uncertain life situations there are two questions one can ask: What is the source and what is the motivation behind the source? The answers you receive will generally tell you what you need to know. 

There is no purer motivation than to be motivated by God’s love. 

God does his BEST work in the darkness. 

God’s will always works when it’s allowed to work. – Anonymous

Someone with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with only an opinion. 

People have a way of knowing when you dig your well out a little deeper. 

If you live for God today as though it were your last day – one day you will not be disappointed. 

Only Jesus can free someone from satan’s “Chain Gang” and make them one of God’s “Changed Gang”. 

Greater ‘depth’ in God will always demand greater ‘death’ to self. 

The heights in God we dare to ascend are determined by the depths of the altars we are willing to die on. 

Just when you think you are God’s only option, be sure He will soon show you otherwise. 

One small thread in the hands of God is stronger than all the chains of darkness. 


A story was once told of a saint who in the midst of life’s toils and trials asked a question in prayer: “Lord, is there a need for any shoe shiners in heaven?”

The reply came back: “No, but there IS A NEED for some feet washers on earth”. 


The human soul, unmasked and stripped of all pretenses, is utterly defenseless in the presence of true, Divine love. 

Only God knows all about the life lived in the pair of shoes labeled “My Own” 

God would much rather you seek what is in His person than what is in His pocket. 

The church needs to experience a ‘breakthrough’ before the world will ever experience a ‘breakout’. 

The true love of God breaks all the rules. 

The Cross of Jesus Christ – it has everything to do with the sin issue. 


The deepest dimension in God one will ever encounter is found in one and one place only – in the dimension of God’s forgiveness for sin. 

“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34


“The highest plane of human existence is to live and act in the perfect love of God.”

D. Ward – Judgment With Mercy


The intensity of love permeating any given place is directly proportional to the exotic fragrance released by the burning candle whose scent is named “Forgiven”. 

Unrighteousness is wrong. And loveless judgment against unrighteousness is more wrong. 

We are not what we think we are. We are what we think. 

God does not need a perfect situation to work. He only needs a situation to work His perfection. 

The Rock of Ages went to a garden to die to save sinners dying in a garden of rocks.


An urgent call was made: “Heaven, we have a problem”.

Jesus immediately responded: “Earth, I AM the solution”.


The cross of Jesus Christ is beyond human comprehension. However, the cross of Jesus Christ is not beyond human appreciation. 


“Champions are built on a thousand invisible mornings.” – Kirk Cousins (former Quarterback/Washington Redskins)

God is more interested in what He can rebuild in your future than what you have destroyed of yours with your past.

Every real king and priest of God will have a Mephibosheth seated at their table.

It is one thing to just get “By”. It is quite another thing to get “Beyond”.

“God does not operate according to ‘clockwork’. God operates according to ‘heart-work’- not to the ticks of a clock, but to the beats of a willing heart.” 


It is said a pastor’s wife made the following statement:

“Get yourself a good prayer life because no one understands your pain better than God”.


Like the innocent blood of Abel (Genesis 4:10), the precious blood of Jesus Christ cries yet today from earth’s sin-stained ground three words:

“Mercy …. Mercy …. Mercy!”


To come to the end of this journey of time only to realize that we’ve lived a mediocre life before an extraordinarily, remarkable God may be the greatest tragedy to befall all of mankind. 

One must know and experience His true love to truly love. ‘We love him because he first loved us’. I John 4:19

When life gives you lemon orchards it’s time to build a lemonade factory. 

God’s mercy “keeps” us until His grace “teaches” us. 

We struggle to “fix” the situation when it is God who wants to “finish” the situation.

If we displease God, does it matter whom we please? If we please God does it matter whom we displease? – Leonard Ravenhill


It is said the famous violinist Jascha Heifetz made the following comment: “If I don’t practice for one day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, the critics know it. If I don’t practice for three days, the public knows it.”

People of faith have no such luxury: “Everyone knows everyday every day I do not pray” (especially “the Critics!”). 


Three Persons

There are three persons we carry around with us: the one we think we are, the one others think we are, and the one God truly knows we are. 


It is one thing to preach love. It is another thing to live love. And it is quite another thing to be love.

Jesus Christ fulfills all three. 


There has never been a soul born that did not have a place dear to God’s heart.

There may be times when you do not know where you belong. But, one thing is certain, you hold a place in God’s own heart.


The cry of our day is this: “Give me a mediocre god, one not big enough that will make me deal with my sins.”

Heaven’s call is for our all where everything is the only thing. 

The immense value God places on human life is proven at the cross of Jesus Christ.


It is one thing to resist sin because you live to die to sin.

It is quite another thing to resist sin because you live to love the One who conquered it. 


To have what most people do not have you must do what most people do not do. 

Jesus Christ is the Chief Cardiologist of all ages. 

“By his cross He has bound all into a worldwide brotherhood and set on each the seal of preciousness”. G. Buttrick ~ The Parables of Jesus

Lord, I have come to this place of prayer this morning to see the Son rise again. 

God has a way of getting His way. 

When Heaven hears, Hell will hurt. 

God’s blessings are not all bright shiny objects. 

We really do not know what we have until we see what is left after we have lost everything we own. 

In the darkest of nights, the blood of Jesus is still the color red. 

Living a life acceptable before God does not mean nothing will go wrong, but to know wrong cannot persist without ultimately producing something right. Romans 8:28.


What God could do rests at the feet of Jesus. What God can do rests at the feet of the lost. What God will do rests at the feet of His church. 


Every beat of the heart should be a “God moment”.

“True Christianity is always a present experience.” – J.T.P.